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• The Giano portable spectrum analyzer has been designed for portable, compact and easy to use use thanks to its multi touch monitor.
• The presence on board of an antenna or two (depending on the model) as a cover makes Giano immediately ready for use.
• The average training time of an operator is about 3 hours as the use of icons, function keys and command wheel makes it very easy to use.
• The cost and ease of use make Giano an excellent solution for the formation of low-cost and immediately usable teams in the field.
• The battery life is about 2 hours but with a second hot-swappable battery and its charger they last longer than 4 hours of continuous operation; if there is a power source, the duration is continuous.
• The power supply connector is standard 12Volt DC with central positive (all you need is a 12Volt DC power supply stabilized with at least 4 Ah).
• The antenna connector is standard with SMMA power supply (for antennas that need it), so if you have your favorite standard antenna you can safely use it.
• The adjustment of the Gain can be convenient to adjust the loss of any cable (remember that each frequency corresponds to a particular length of the connection cable to avoid signal loss) Giano can be placed on a flat surface and, thanks to its stand, adjust the monitor eye height, there is also a shoulder strap for greater comfort.


The Giano portable spectrum analyzer is available in two versions:










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